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Ive tried three postcard sending apps and I can tell you this is the best. The cards are good value and the service is fast and efficient. Most of all I love that I can use my Apple Pencil to write cards.

Love this app!

I use this app regularly to send thank you notes and to stay in touch with my elderly grandma. I love the large fonts on the oversized postcards-its much easier for her to read and enjoy than anything digital. Bonus, I dont have to worry about my terrible handwriting since all the writing is done through the app.

Great App!!

My favourite postcard printing App! Easy to do on the site & the quality is fantastic! I rely on this App for all my family and friends special occasion cards I love it!

Everyone loves it!

Ive shared this app with people Ive met while traveling and each one of them has thanked me. I send postcards to my grandchild and my 96 year old aunt. Its a great way to stay in touch with photos from my trips AND the postcards arrive before mail from foreign countries would. I also use it to send special greetings to friends. Its more personal than email.

Fantastic App

Im loving the customization options, ease of use, and customer service for this app. Great find, highly recommend!

Great quality! Super fast! Affordable!

My wife and I took a trip to Europe and instead of sending generic post cards that take weeks to arrive, we sent personalized pictures that we took ourselves. Not only were the pictures sent with great quality, they arrived super fast. Within a few days of sending in the order, our family had already received their personalized cards! The app is super user friendly and comes with many options. The price of the cards is also comparable with buying a post card and paying for postage, but its way more convenient since you do it all from your mobile. Love this app!

Super easy and great quality

My youngest daughter just got married and moved to Hawaii. She has been a little homesick and I have had so much fun sending her old pictures in a postcard form. They are framable quality and so easy. Takes me about 10 seconds!

Costs too much

This costs too much for what it gives.

Love it

So easy use.

No Apple Pay ;(

What a bummer!

Easy and fun

Makes sending a card to family and friends a snap.


I love this app! My kids are both at sleep away camp and, I love that I can snap a picture at any given time and get it to them so quickly. This app is genius and makes things extremely easy. I am very thankful to my friend who showed it to me.

My Go-to app for postcards!

Great app, easy to use, affordable, nice options with collages, text, and borders. I tested the app before a long road trip, sending postcards to friends and family on opposite coasts. They arrived quickly. Its a nice option to use with my photos and not having to carry stamps and find a mailbox or post office. Definitely give it a try!

A great communication tool

Have used this app in Europe and around US for the past few months. A wonderful way to share travels and send personalized notes and cards Highly recommend this app

Awesome app

My parents live out of state and they dont have smart phones. This makes sharing pics difficult. However with this app, I can quickly and easily create postcards and share photos of their grandkids. They love getting cards every week and I love how simple it is. Currently my favorite app!


Cant say enough good things about Post Snap. I was lucky enough to hear about this from the Boston Globe, and now I use it regularly. Sending postcards with pictures of me and the places Ive visited gives me another way to stay in touch with my granddaughter who lives in another state. I can combine up to 6 pictures, add a title and maybe jazz it up with a border, and off it goes. Couldnt be quicker or easier. I also use the app to send postcards to my daughter living in Europe. Something special about receiving mail that hasnt been replaced with social media or even texting and emailing photos. There are options, too, for other kinds of mail--cards and invitations and such. Havent used those yet, but probably will before this year is over. Love this app!!


Just what I needed - put pics on card and write a quick note - right at my finger tips !!

Picture postcard perfect!

With PostSnap I can send postcards that are really personalised to our adventures. Ive sent pictures of the kids on the beach, in the snow, on the lake, even gardening when we staycation. We love the signature box which means the kids can sign on my iPhone, and our postcard is in progress before weve packed up and left the beach.

Takes a little getting used to navigating.

Made many mistakes trying to add extras and u have to start all over. Still forgot date but postage will verify date when received. Overall a good app.


Great for photos!

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