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Professionally made app, easy to understand and use. Ive been waiting for something like this app. Incredibly useful and well-designed app with great UI/UX! Thanks:)


Ive been playing around with this app and I have to say the results are amazing. You can create really cool postcards. I cant wait for Christmas to make this years family postcard and send it to my family and friends.


Me encanta esta aplicación ya que te evitas las largas filas en las oficinas de correos

Custom postcards - perfect!

Frustrated with decreased, substandard, and non-existent postcard options while traveling, I tried this app. Short review: Its easy to use, has many customizing options, and creates a quality postcard. I highly recommend it. Long review: I made a postcard and had it sent to myself so I could see if the card would have the look and feel I like. The app made exactly the postcard I wanted. It had nice thick paper and a glossy finish. It had a real U.S. postage stamp on it and was mailed from the USA (Utah). The photo quality was just like my original: same focus and colors, same crop. The photo covered the whole front of the postcard, as I had chosen. Unsure how much room I had on the back, I kept my message short. The finished product showed I could have written a lot more, so theres plenty of room for correspondence. The back is, of course, machine printed, so the lack of handwriting and ink-pen made it look a little bit like a bulk-mailed advertising card. Next time Ill choose a text color other than black and a fancier font to make my message stand out a little more. Customer service is friendly, responsive, and comes from a real person. If youre particular about the postcards you send, this app will be perfect for you.

Smooth and easy

This app works very smoothly and lets you easily add photos for postcards, invites etc. Very user friendly and easy to use!

Great Postcard

I recently used this app to send a picture of my grandson to my 91 year old parents who are no longer using technology. They were delighted. I have seen the product and the quality is terrific. The postcard is large and the picture quality is wonderful. Very impressed. Im recommending this to all my grandparent friends. I will use it often.

Just great!

I love that you can creat all your cards on your own and that you can sign the card with a photo and your signature! Just awesome!!

Yes you can!

Use your own photo for an awesome postcard in stead of a generic gas station card. These guys are fast and efficient and respond personally to emails. Their site is super simple to use. Love PostSnap!

Wonderful app!

Ive been using this specifically to keep the new grandparents up to date with pictures of our baby. Its been so fun and I imagine it will be great to see all the postcards together in the future! Ive really enjoyed it!

Saves time!

Love this app. My daughter went to navy boot camp and this was so helpful. I sent her pictures postcards all the time in just minutes. She loved them.

Brilliant app, brilliant quality cards

I love the Postsnap app because its easy to use and the cards are shipped fast. Other apps and websites Ive used take so long to ship cards but these guys are fast. Its also great that I dont need to enter my details for an account. Well done guys ?

Perfect Postcard App

A super App to come back into the old modus to write postcards with your own pictures and your own words. Easy to handle to write several postcards and no need to buy stamps in an office. Many possibilities to create a wonderful card for all occasions!! Thank you for this perfect idea!!

Easy quick pretty cards

Takes 2 minutes to create, pay for, and send card. Can do it all from my phone, taking care of Holiday cards while standing in line at DMV.

Easy and fun

Super east to create and send postcards or greeting cards in fun designs!

Good app

This is a useful app if youre looking for an easy way to send personalized cards to your loved ones

Like this app

I just downloaded and tried this app. I was very impressed with the ease of the app and more impressed with the cost of the cards. Really challenges me to want to go to Hallmark to buy Christmas cards. Great app.


The app was easy to navigate and easy to use! It creates such beautiful cards with such ease!


I have sent lots of cards by this app, always fast and trustful ??

Fantastic, simple card making app

This app was great for making a quick and simple, but great professional looking card. I would highly recommend for anyone wanting to quickly make an amazing card.

Great App!!

Easy way to customize and send Christmas cards

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