Postsnap: Send Thank You Cards & Photo Postcards App Reviews

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Great App

This is a great app! I do lots of activities with my grandchildren and take lots of pictures. Now I can send them a little note with several pics of our adventures. They love getting mail and share their cards with their family and friends. Wonderful way to recognize their accomplishments too!

Wonderful app!

This is such an easy app to use and the recipients of the cards Ive sent are always so complimentary of their little mailbox surprises!

Great for international traveling

I sent my family postcards while I was traveling abroad and it was so nice not having to worry about finding the right amount of postage or a place to mail my postcard! Navigating the app was easy and fun. The best part was being able to have the postcard be a picture of the site I was seeing with me in it. My family enjoyed getting these postcards! Highly recommend!

Love this app

Such a fun and easy way to share special moments. Who doesnt love getting a personalized postcard? And the quality is outstanding!

I wish I knew when received

I send these cards for Birthdays, but I never know when the person receives them. I wish I was able to track the mailing, so I know it it is received on time. There is no place to say when I would like it to arrive.

Super timesaver

Perfect for my son who is away in the military. I can keep him updated with current pictures in the form of a postcard or greeting card, plus it couldnt be easier or more convenient.Highly recommend.

Working Great for My Needs

Since my parents live far away, Im finding this to be a great app to send them photos of our family shenanigans. They are not very tech savvy so we cant rely on social media to share with them. Postcards works great. Its easy fast and reliable. Give it a try!

Fun and easy

This app makes it super easy to send postcards from pics on my phone. I used many different layouts and loved that you could add pics for your signature too. Ill definite keep using it to send postcards to my daughter during camp.

Love Postsnap

Love sending personally designed postcards using our pictures. So easy and the quality is great. Friends & family love receiving personalized postcards from the places we visit.

Love it!

Use it all the time.

Quick and easy!

I was actually thinking his would be a perfect business idea to send positive notes of encouragement to contacts, the found PostApp when I upgraded my phone- very easy interface. Im using it almost weekly now!

Great For Travel and Summer Camp

I have really enjoyed using this app while my 3 children attend summer camp in another country. Being able to send them my own photos directly from my phone has saved me the hassle of tracking down international postage or a trip to a mailbox. Im able to write them each a short note every day and include a photo of something silly or showing what their Dad & I are up to at home. Or simply their pets sleeping on their bed missing them. Buying Postsnap credit in bulk in advance keeps the cost of each card reasonable, and I can write the cards anywhere anytime. (Riding on the bus or tube) After using it for camp, I immediately saw the value of using it when traveling, as well. Most of my friends are on social media, but Postsnap is fantastic for sending photo cards to my 92 year old Father-In-Law, to keep him in the loop of where we are and the sites were seeing; or even just to share current photos of the kids. Even my connected friends like a hard copy for the fridge! This is a great app. Simple to use. Fun.

Satisfied in California

I have been using this app for two weeks and have sent out about half a dozen postcards. The app makes it very easy to mail out personalized postcards to friends and family. I have seen any of the post cards yet so can not speak to the quality of the print yet. It does take about 5 days for your card to arrive in the US which I wish was shorter but for the convenience I can not complain.

A great way to send love

My elderly mother has been delighted with the greetings and current family photos she is now regularly receiving, thanks to Postsnap. The app is easy to use, especially with the prepay option. The postcards are beautiful and customer service is excellent. Cant wait to use this app while traveling!

Beautiful products

Great app!- I have used Postsnap several times and I really like the results. The postcards are printed on large, glossy stock and look real sharp. I have elderly friends who dont have computers and I can pop a card in the mail for them. I had one glitch where a card didnt arrive and customer service was quick to resend the card. AND they take Apple Pay! I will use them again and again. Try Postsnap.

Beautiful products

I have used Postsnap several times and really like the results. The postcards are large and printed on heavy, glossy stock. Some of my elderly friends dont have computers and I can pop a card in the mail to them. I had one glitch when a card didnt arrive. Customer service was quick to resend the card. AND they take Apple Pay! I will use them again and again. Try Postsnap.

Love this app!

I use this app regularly to send thank you notes and to stay in touch with my elderly grandma. I love the large fonts on the oversized postcards-its much easier for her to read and enjoy than anything digital. Bonus, I dont have to worry about my terrible handwriting since all the writing is done through the app.

You must download this app

Ive tried three postcard sending apps and I can tell you this is the best. The cards are good value and the service is fast and efficient. Most of all I love that I can use my Apple Pencil to write cards.

Great App!!

My favourite postcard printing App! Easy to do on the site & the quality is fantastic! I rely on this App for all my family and friends special occasion cards I love it!

Everyone loves it!

Ive shared this app with people Ive met while traveling and each one of them has thanked me. I send postcards to my grandchild and my 96 year old aunt. Its a great way to stay in touch with photos from my trips AND the postcards arrive before mail from foreign countries would. I also use it to send special greetings to friends. Its more personal than email.

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