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Great app. Easy to use and fun to send

I love this app. I love being able to easily send a postcard or card to my friends and family while I am on vacation or anywhere really. Easy to use, a must have app!!

Best way to send s Thank You

I just discovered this app and use it all the time. It is the easiest and quickest way to send off a cute custom thank you post card to friends and family. I just sent out 20 with party photos from my twins birthday party. They all loved getting the photos in the mail and no trip to the past office!

Great app!

So easy to use!

Old School Goes New School

Postsnap is a reminder of the power of a personal message and a physical piece of mail. Sending picture postcards with a few clicks helps me get away from the laziness of social media posting and reminds me that sending something to someone is a way of saying "Im not with you but am thinking of you." Ive used PostSnap on my recent trip to Shanghai and Singapore and my family and friends love getting postcards from places with the photos I took!

Wish it could be mailed from the US

I mostly love this app. One huge downside is that it is mailed from the UK. It takes over a week to be delivered and the United States. I did not realize this when I got the app and purchased credit. I hope they add a US based printing and mailing depot!

Great Personalized Messages

I enjoy using this app for making personalized messages/cards on the go. The quality is great and I am able to make the card unique and special. Great interface and simple to use.


Love this app! It is so easy and fun to send high quality postcards and cards from wherever I am.

At last!

At long last, a one-stop perfect app to marry happy photo memories with traditional mail techniques. I usually buy a postcard (often featuring no one I know, somewhere vaguely near where I have been) in the airport, then end up mailing it from home because I cant find a stamp, or a mailbox before I board the plane. Now I can do it as soon as Ive taken the photo - my own photo memories, shared in a meaningful way - I love it! Very simple to use, arrives super quick, and my family love them. Especially the ones who arent on facebook, instagram etc. Also a great way to share lovely photos of the kids or family pets that makes the effort way more meaningful because it comes in the mailbox. LOVE that postage is included in the price!!


I sent postcards from The Netherlands and great quality cards arrived in the U.S. three days later!

Beautiful personalized postcards

I love this app for all of my postcard needs. They are simple to make and have great quality. The personalization and ease is unmatched.

Excellent service

Probably the best service available. Love the app as well.

Send real things

Great way to surprise your family, friends or loved ones!

Great app - fun, easy and awesome!

Love this app! Read about it in The Week and thought wed try it on our trip to Texas. We ent our a few to friends and family and within 4-5 days they received the awesome custom cards! It was so easy and fun to use. You can get real creative or just simple - either way it was a simple and cheap way to share your photos. Average postcards cost 1-2$ anymore and then postage. For $2.75 you can send a beautiful custom card, no hidden fees! Try it, youll love it!


This app is one of best, very helpful, i like it, good job, will recommend to all my friends ?

Great for keeping in touch with the grandparents ( my parents)

Love the site. Super easy to use for me being a clunky, non internet type but trying my best. Just create one card then ping it all over the place to family. In 4 mins I have sent 4 cards to close family. High touch feeling with very little time and a great price.

What a nice idea

Well thought out, great designs and functional. Id love too if you could also email or SMS the images as well as regular posting. Nice work team!

Cool postcards

Well done!


A cool way to send customized postcards. Same as sending a normal postcard but with your own pictures.


Nice idea of an app. Great features and good user interface. Congrats to the developers!

Useful ?

Very handy app. Nice interface and great design! ?

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